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The Young Clementina

The Young Clementina - D.E. Stevenson The Young Clementina was surprisingly engaging and wonderful. It's the story of Charlotte who, after the man she loves man she loves marries her sister, flees to London for the next 12 years. She returns only to take care of her niece after a divorce and the child's father's death.

She finds the niece an odd child, who she has trouble bonding with. After a bit of time, the two find common ground. Charlotte finds that she is learning more about herself through the care of her niece and her new position as lady of a grand manor.

In many ways, this book was a typical book set in the English countryside, but sometimes it read almost modern. Sometimes, I almost thought it was a modern-written historical fiction book until I would come across a trope used during books written during the time.

I only had a few complaints: one was the treatment of Charlotte's sister Kitty, but that was one of the kind of tropes I was talking about. The other complaint I had was that the ending felt sort of rushed and the story ended abruptly, only left for us to wonder how the characters went on after the extraordinary last few pages.

Anyway, I loved Charlotte's voice and am a little disappointed that her story doesn't continue in other books.