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The Diamond Conspiracy

The Diamond Conspiracy - Pip Ballantine, Tee Morris Another entertaining romp from Books & Braun, unfortunately I wasn't much into it as the previous books.

The intricate plots to this series are impressive, but I'm starting to think they're a bit too much for me. Also a bit much is the excessive descriptions and unnecessary dialog. I found myself skimming more than usual because of them.

There are also a lot of characters that I really just do not care a fig about. At this point, even the main characters of Books & Braun are starting to make me gnash my teeth. The only character I'm invested in is Sophia del Morte, and I really wouldn't mind having a entire book told from her point of view.

I'm starting to think that maybe steampunk just isn't my scene. I can deal with books that have light steampunk, but when the technology becomes too hard to follow, I find myself zoning out. And that's what happened here.

I gave this three starts because I really did like the story, even if I felt it was weighed down with unnecessary things. I probably will read the next book, or at least most of it.

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