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All In with the Duke

All In with the Duke - Ava March Another good one from Ava March!

Here we have a basic story really: Max is a bit lonely, so he goes to a brothel to remedy that. He figures, if he pays for companionship, then there's no way to get hurt. Here, he comes across Tristan, who he is instantly smitten with, obviously.

Due to circumstances which I will not state, the two enter into a bit of an arrangement, but the feelings that each man has for the other makes things a bit tricky.

There's angst; there's lovey-dovey stuff. And with all of Ava March's books, there is a fabulous historical romance without an overload of historical. There's just enough to give you a feel for a period, which gives room for the actual story.

I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Too bad I have to wait so long.